Nick Croka and Blkdhla his 1992 Mazda B2600i Extended Cab Minitruck Build


BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #26 Nick Croka tells the story of Black Dahlia or BlkDhla as it is known. Starting life as a 1992 Mazda extended cab B2000, Nick transformed this mini truck into a full custom B2600i equipped with Right Hand Drive.

Nick began the transformation by trading a set of Centerline Galaxies 2s to someone in Australia for a complete right hand drive dash setup. This provided him a wild modification that only a few people in the united states have performed. Nick was then helped by Trey at Twisted Creations in Wortham Texas. He laid down the custom paint and graphics before the truck's debut at LST or Lone Star Throwdown in Conroe Texas.

Living life as a tattoo artist, Nick has a custom view on the world. Starting from birth, he has been interested in anything automotive. Together with his wiife Cori, Nick creates rolling works of art to drive across the country to car shows. With his club, No Regrets, Nick can be found enjoying weekend getaways and showing off his full custom Mazda Minitruck.

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