John Pena and his International fleet of custom trucks, including his 1973 Travelall

Built To Cruise Episode #30 John Pena (IHBuilder) tells us his story of wanting to be different from the custom truck community and how he started building International trucks.

John started becoming interested in custom vehicles at a young age when he started building model cars. Turning his skills to bicycles, John transformed a Diamondback Viper into a full Lowrider bike.

As he got older, John began customizing trucks and SUVs. After being featured in numerous magazines, John looked for something that no one else was building. He came across an International pickup that grabbed his interest and began transforming it into a work of art.

After building a single cab International pickup, John began looking for an International Travelall SUV. He located a 1973 Travelall that was in good shape and began slowly customizing it to his liking.

Now that his Travelall is nearing completion, he has begun to introduce his son into the International community by acquiring a project the both of them can build together.

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