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Created in 2019 by a hardcore custom enthusiast couple, we feature the stories behind the automotive passion on our Youtube Channel.

Speechless the 1989 Toyota pickup

Why are cars and trucks such a big part of some people's life? What drives a person to completely tear their vehicle apart and rebuild it with custom touches? Will Minitruckin continue to thrive in our automotive culture? Is this a lifestyle, or merely an addiction?

Phat150 2015 F150 built by Phat Phabz

We talk to builders, enthusiasts, shop owners, show promotors, and those who just build their vehicles to drive and enjoy. Each story is different, but the message is the same. Custom vehicles are a big part of our automotive culture and they are not going anywhere. From Custom Vans, Hot Rods, Sports Cars, and Minitrucks, we bring the stories from people who completely enjoy what they do.

Behind the scenes BTC episode

Along with interviews from amazing individuals and couples, we also bring stories from car shows and the trips along the way. Join us for the journey into Minitruckin and Custom Auto history.

Cisco at Battle in Bama
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