"Lyndon and Tiffany" Custom Trucks, Body Drops, and The 1970 Nova That Brought Them Together

BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #25 features Lyndon and Tiffany of Sunset Texas Gulf Coast.

Lyndon and Tiffany met one night and after discussing Lyndon's 1970 Nova, they realized they shared a passion for custom cars and trucks.

Tiffany daily drives a bagged 2015 GMC Sierra Extended cab. Lyndon has a 2010 Crew Cab Chevy Silverado that is body dropped. Both were built at home in their driveway!

Together, Lyndon and Tiffany attend car shows across the South, including a fateful trip to Turkey Drag in 2014, where Lyndon's custom bagged S10 had coolant issues.

Hear their story of how custom cars and trucks is the common bond they share, and how their children are learning to share this passion as well.

Lyndon and Tiffany continue building custom trucks and will never drive anything stock. From trailering their 1970 Chevy Nova with a bagged S10, to picking up groceries in their bagged GMC Sierra, Lyndon and Tiffany live the custom truck life every day.

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