"Lindsey" Minitrucker since she was 16. Daily driving her Buxom Chevy


BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #18 Hear Lindsey's story of how minitruckin became a part of her life at 16 years old with her first truck, a Ford Ranger Splash.

After bagging and bodydropping her Ford Ranger Minitruck, Lindsey has spent her life enjoying custom vehicles. From Custom paintjobs to Custom Vans shoes, Lindsey continues to be influenced by the Minitruckin Lifestyle. Being part of Acrophobia car and truck club, Lindsey lives up to the club name by having some of the lowest vehicles in the state of Florida.

Lindsey daily drives a 2008 Chevy Crew Cab that is bagged on big billets. After purchasing the truck, she began shaping the truck to become her own style. Her truck is named Buxom and is a very elegant Buxom Beauty.

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