"JUSTIN" Minitruckin through his 20's with Bodydropped trucks, BTC EP. 5

BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #5 Hear Justin's story of how he went from growing up around motorcycles to becoming a full custom auto enthusiast. Hear his point of view from being a young minitrucker and how he has been influenced from the older generation. He has only been involved in the scene for 4 years and he is 26 years old!

His story unfolds as he talks about his dad building custom vehicles while racing motocross bikes on a track owned by his grandfather. He has had full custom s-10 trucks, bagged toyotas, and even a bodydropped mitsubishi mightymax! He now has the world famous "Cheetah Blazer" and will be rebuilding it back to the days of Minitruckin Magazine and Sport Truck Magazine.

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