Dave Shulman Building SEMA Dreams With Ford And His Krew Kut Obsession


BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #23 Dave Shulman tells his story of building full custom Ford trucks, his success and setbacks, and how his dream of owning the custom Krew Kut dually came true.

As the founder and Godfather of Acrophobia Car and Truck club, David has built many legendary trucks, including Catch-22, Project Insomnia, Precious Metal F-350, and now his new SEMA project NAVIH8R with Phat Phabz.

Hear how he started in the custom truck world and begin customizing his F-150 before eventually turning it into widely recognized Catch-22. That truck began a foundation that would lead him to be able to buy a truck from Ford for only one Dollar! Project Insomnia was further proof that David was a custom truck builder with a vision.

After a small hiatus, Dave Shulman returned to the custom truck world with a full custom F-350 built by Phat Phabz in Oklahoma aptly named Precious Metal. While building this truck, David came upon the opportunity to buy the famous Krew Kut dually which had been restored by Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage.

After being rejected by Ford to build an Expedition for SEMA 2019, David Shulman purchased a Lincoln Navigator and, with only 12 miles on it, sent it to Phat Phabz in Oklahoma for it to become Project NAVIH8R. With a multitude of sponsors onboard, including Hiland Dairy who makes Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk, David will be debuting his body dropped Navigator at SEMA 2019! Watch Phat Phabz on Youtube for behind the scenes of the build.

Hear David's advice on how with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you can accomplish your goals.

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