"Cynthia" Preserving Shey's memory with an HHR BTC Ep. 13


BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #13 Hear Cynthia's story of how she and Shey Cox met, fell in love, and ultimately built an amazing full custom bagged Chevrolet HHR. Shey passed in 2011, so Cynthia preserved his memory with a mural on the rear and continues to show the vehicle in his honor.

Cynthia describes what it took to change the HHR into a show-stopping Hearse, known as HHRSE. Shey Cox passed away in 2011, but his memory carries on through his daughter and his friends and family. Cynthia also tells us of his club, Explicit Concepts, and how she eventually became a part of Freaks of Nature Car Club.

This video was made in memory of Shey Cox May 20, 1973 - October 3, 2011 Subscribe for weekly episodes featuring the lives of custom automotive enthusiasts and the passion behind their rides.

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