"Cisco" Daily Driven Minitrucks and building his first S-10 BTC Ep. 11


BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #11 Hear Cisco's story of how he has still has his first minitruck and has customized it while driving minitrucks his whole life. Through the years of customizing his Chevy S-10, he has owned several other minitrucks that he has driven daily such as a '97 Toyota Tacoma and a Nissan Hardbody.

His story begins when he was in Highschool and bought his custom S-10. Over the years, he has purchased and sold other minitrucks, including a Tacoma that was shot for Minitruckin' Magazine just before the magazine was shut down. Despite never having a truck run as a feature in Minitruckin, Cisco never gave up and pursued his goal of having an old school 90's minitruck build. His Nissan Hardbody can be driven anywhere and has been to show all over the country. True minitrucker style, Cisco drives his trucks daily because he builds them to be Daily Driven Minitrucks.

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