"Chris & Manni" Phat Phabz Bolt on Bodydrop? BTC Ep. 9

BUILT TO CRUISE EPISODE #9 Hear Chris and Manni's story of their lifelong appreciation of custom trucks and car shows. They met through a mutual love of custom rides and continued building more trucks together.

Listen as they tell their story of life as custom auto enthusiasts, including how Chris decided to purchase a "Bolt on Bodydrop" from the famous Phat Phabz shop in Oklahoma. Jake Mckiddie fabbed a full frame for Chris's 2017 GMC, but before it could be installed, Chris bagged a Dodge Durango for Manni to drive as the ultimate Mom Vehicle. Chris used a full frame swap from Phat Phabz Manufacturing on his truck, making his body drop a simple task that he and Manni could accomplish together in their garage, with the help of their friends from Committed Car and Truck Club.

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